You will find lots of ideas in here, including:

How parents can tell great stories to children.
How to find inspiration for stories.
How to find time to tell stories together.
How to create physical spaces for stories.
What to do when you’re running out of ideas.

What is vital for using this pack:

Communication with your child.
Spending time together.
Willingness to be silly.

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Stories can be fact or imaginary or both. They can begin with a real story and become imaginary. Stories are yours to shape and change.

You can find them everywhere.







A story is made of four key elements:

“I have a 6 year old – storytelling is helping him with his speech, it makes him interested in the outside world.”



Books are new experiences

Books can be a good way to help you talk about the more difficult things in life with your child.



Building spaces

It can really help to create specific safe spaces to have story time together. Making space for stories sends a clear signal to your child that it is a special time where they get to be creative.








After stories

After you have read a book together, or watched a film or television programme together, think of ways you can expand on it to keep the story going.

Is there a related book you could read or a film you could watch?

Can you create a puppet of one of the characters?




Bring stories with you, wherever you are

Story time doesn’t have to be sitting down and reading a whole book. It doesn’t have to be a certain amount of time. It is about sharing a story with your child, whatever that may be.

Story time can fit anywhere!

(there are loads more story time tips in the downloadable booklet, so check it out!)

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